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I'm Kyle, the creator of KyleAwsm! Alongside working full-time as an IT professional, I've been running KyleAwsm for over 5 years now as a side-business and hobby of sorts. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I now live in Kentucky with my beautiful wife and daughter, where we enjoy going on outdoor adventures and finding new hiking trails and coffee shops. I'm also an avid runner, skydiver, and casual gamer, and my wife thinks I'm pretty good with a skillet.

KyleAwsm started out as a little side-hobby of a YouTube channel, where I just made random repair tutorial videos centralized around electronics, soldering, and Gameboys. But as time went on, I began pouring more and more of myself into it, honing my craft and acquiring more tools. Eventually, it grew into a small electronics repair shop, and today it's now a full-fledged small business and registered LLC! We've been so blessed with how this little hobby has grown, and I've been able to work on electronics sent in from people all over the world!

So yeah, that's me! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my content, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need a repair!


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